Shark Ion Vs Roomba: How to Choose the Best Smart Vacuum Cleaner?

The question may also be important, how to find a really good robot vacuum cleaner? This is difficult to do and mostly it can bring in its fair share of profits in no time. There’s a lot of focus here on quality and value, and with the right approach, you’ll find it well worth the effort.

The Best Smart Vacuum Cleaner?

You can also check the price of replacement parts. Then you can think about the overall performance. This way you get to see if the investment is actually worth it or not, and you can go from there.

The Best In The Shark Ion Vs Roomba Debate?

That all comes dowen to what you expect from your robots vacuum. A lot of people want smart features at a higher price range, but at the same time, you have to understand that your expectations should differ based on what’s paid for the unit.

the two products are pretty similar. We will compare them to figure out which is the right option and why you potentially want one or the other.


Both units are well over $500. Both units are pretty impressive for what they are and they could be some good solutions for you to consider.


Again, Shark Ion vs Roomba are largely similar units. You will not have to worry about the design too much, maybe only the color scheme if you really want certain colors. But we found the color combinations to be very interesting and convenient, exactly the way that you might need.

Smart Features

Both units have a mobile app. You can receive notifications from the product, and you will also notice that you can start or pause a cleaning session.

We believe that they are both pretty good at what they do. Roomba has a good sensor that helps it avoid the stairs or any obstacles. This can be tricky for a robot vacuum, so using such a thing is really convenient and unique.

since this is a product for home use, you really get a good set of results and in the end, you just can’t ask for more than that.

Cleaning Technology

What seems to be very interesting for a lot of people is that both Shark ion vs Roomba uses a 3 stage cleaning process.


And the results will actually impress you. The Roomba will usually need 2 hours to charge completely, the Shark ion needs 3 hours.

Extra Features

Spot cleaning is great for both products.

You will appreciate the fact that the Roomba product also has a full bin indicator.


The feature is similar to Roomba, however, it’s not as elegant and distinct, so you will lose some of the design features and points here, which is a bit unfortunate, to be honest.


Roomba has always been a great source of information and documentation. Every model has lots of content and its own manual. So you always know exactly what to do, how to use the product and so on. There are lots of features in a smart unit like this, so knowing what to do and how to handle everything is very important, to be honest. The shark ion does have a manual too, but things can be a bit confusing if you’re not careful. That’s why you have to study all the possible options and you will be quite amazed by the way everything pays off in the end. Just try to consider that to achieve the best results.

Which Is The Best?

In the shark ion vs Roomba debate, there can be only one winner. But finding the best one is all about what you need. Most people will find that the shark ion is a great alternative just because it’s very efficient and affordable. Yet if you have a bit more to spare, you will find the Roomba to be a better alternative. The way it works and the features it has are a bit better, so if you can afford to spend a bit more it will be worth it!

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