On Portal FAQ, people share questions, answers, and other content to collectively build knowledge and community within a Space. Occasionally, some contributions discourage others from participating in Spaces on Portal FAQ. Portal FAQ has minimal guidelines site-wide for what content is permitted in Spaces and Space admins may decide to set more restrictive policies. Space names, descriptions, details, subdomains, icons, cover photos, or content that violates any of the below categories will be removed. Portal FAQ generally moderates individual content items, but repeated or serious violations may result in the removal of the entire Space.

Hate speech

Hate speech is a serious attack on a group or individual based on their race, ethnicity, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, age, sex, religion, medical condition, or disability. Portal FAQ prohibits the use of slurs in a disparaging way and calling for violence, exclusion, or segregation of protected classes.
Some examples are:

  • The use of offensive racial slurs
  • The use of slurs based on someone’s sexual orientation.


Some examples of harassment are:

  • Creating a Space for the sole purpose of disparaging an individual
  • Repetitive harassing behavior towards an individual, whether that behavior is public, through private messages, or through the edit log, and includes encouraging others to engage in such behavior.
  • Discouraging others from using Portal FAQ by being dismissive of their contributions. For example: “Why don’t you use Google for these kinds of questions?”, “Your questions are not worthy of Portal FAQ.”, “You talk like an idiot.”
  • Posting nonconsensual sexual imagery or text featuring a specific person

Some users may find certain terms to be offensive, but we will not take action against every instance unless it is against Portal FAQ policy.

Harmful activities

Communicating intent to cause physical harm to others is considered a serious threat of violence and is not permitted. Some examples are:

  • Threats to public safety
  • Inappropriately promoting violence that may occur now or in the future
  • Stating intent to join a terrorist group
  • Promoting cruelty towards animals either directly or by using language that glorifies the activity

Discussions on topics like bomb threats, mass shootings, and workplace violence are allowed but glorifying them is prohibited on Portal FAQ. Content glorifying self-harm including suicide and encouraging others to harm themselves is not permitted.

Sexual exploitation and abuse

Sexually explicit or suggestive imagery or writing involving children and animals is not permitted.
Some examples are:

  • Content describing different ways to coerce minors into sexual interaction with non-minors
  • Descriptions by non-minors of getting away with sexual interaction with minors
  • Soliciting or exchanging sexually explicit images involving minors

Sexually explicit content involving adults which appears to be non-consensual is also prohibited. Spaces that function as a place for exchanging sexually explicit images of minors will be removed even if the images are being exchanged off the platform. Sexually explicit content in Spaces that are directed towards minors (ages 13-17) is not permitted.

Prohibited images in icons and cover images

Adult content and graphically violent images in Space icons and cover photos are not permitted.

Sexually explicit content

Do not post adult content in non-adult Spaces. Adult content is only allowed in Spaces that are tagged as ‘Adult’. Admins can mark a Space as Adult from their Space Settings page. Additionally, Portal FAQ Moderation may tag a Space as Adult if it meets certain criteria, for example, when a Space is about an adult topic or it contains several posts that meet Portal FAQ definition of adult content.

Examples of prohibited behavior:

  • posting porn in a non-adult space
  • posting sexual imagery (ex. sexually explicit cartoons, GIFs) in a non-adult space
  • graphic description of a sexual act in a non-adult Space

Repeated violations of this policy may lead to an edit-block or permanent ban of the account.


The following are not allowed:

  • Selling illegal products, services, or technology such as escort services, prostitution, or illegal drugs.
  • Selling weapons or controlled substances.
  • Promoting illegal streaming links or websites, get-rich-quick schemes, miraculous improvements such as rapid weight loss programs, scams like advance-fee scams, unofficial password or account recovery services, or hacking services.
  • Coordinated inauthentic activity such as vote manipulation.
  • Posting deceptive or malicious links on Portal FAQ, including ones that mimic Portal FAQ UI that direct users to unexpected websites.
  • Posting the same content repeatedly, or sending the same messages repeatedly.
  • Doing any of the following for the purpose of driving traffic to an external site or for monetary gain:
    • Posting irrelevant answers or comments.
    • Editing existing questions to include links or irrelevant information.

Harmful misinformation

Content that is created with the intent of spreading false or misleading information about certain topics is prohibited. Some examples are:

  • False or misleading information about vaccines
  • Holocaust denial


Impersonation is pretending to be someone else or falsely posing as a brand and is prohibited on Portal FAQ.


Copyright infringement is against our Terms of Service. Learn more about our Copyright policy.


Sharing certain private information without the permission of the person to whom it belongs is not permitted. Some examples of personal information covered by this include:

  • Street address
  • Physical location
  • Identity documents such as government-issued IDs
  • Social security numbers
  • Financial account information
  • Credit card details
  • Medical records
  • Biometric data

Using the Portal FAQ brand/logo

Using the Portal FAQ brand name or logo (or variations) of it in Spaces titles, icons or cover photos is not permitted unless it is an official Portal FAQ space, owned and endorsed by the company.

Targeting underage users

Per our Terms of Service, use of the Portal FAQ Platform by anyone under 13 years of age is prohibited. Any Space that is exclusively for people under 13 years of age will be removed. If a Space targets users of varying ages and explicitly includes people under 13 years of age, the Space owner will be warned and given a limited amount of time to change the Space name, description, or rules to exclude people under 13 years of age. If the Space is not updated within the stipulated time, the Space will be removed.

For more information on how Portal FAQ Moderation decides whether to restrict or remove Spaces and Space content, please see: