Monetization Made Simple: How to Monetize a YouTube Channel (2022)

Completed YouTube monetization requirements? Now learn how to monetize a Youtube channel to start earning money.

Hey friend, as your YouTube channel has fulfilled or wants to fulfill the requirements of monetization to start making money then here your quarry comes to an ultimate end.

You can monetize your YouTube channel by joining the YouTube partner program which was first introduced in December 2007.

This partner program offers you to make money by showing various advertisements on your youtube videos.

The best part of it is there is no limit how much you can earn with this program as it depends on your consistent hard work & patience.

But how can you join YouTube partner program?

One has to put some efforts to start anything big & earn money, here is the same.

According to YouTube partner program there are some requirements to make your channel able for monetization which will be further explained in detail.

So are you excited to know how to monetize your YouTube channel? 

If yes, then let’s get started first with knowing about monetization.

How does YouTube monetization work?

How does YouTube monetization work?

Monetization is the process of converting something that is non-money making item into cash.

Let’s understand this with an example,

Website owners have the content on their website as non-money-making items but they can make space to show ads monetize their website which will turn into cash.

As like website on youtube, you have content in the form of videos on which you can show ads that will generate money for you.

This way YouTube monetization works.

Isn’t that simple?

To make this possible you have to first understand YouTube partner program requirements, their rules & policy guidelines.

You should strictly follow these rules & policies before you apply for monetization.

But what are the their rules & policies?

These are briefly explained further & will help you to get able to monetize your YouTube channel.

1. Requirements to monetize a YouTube channel

how to be eligible for youtube monetization

To understand how to monetize a youtube channel first you have to go through these requirements to monetization.

There are only 4 requirements to be considered to be able for monetization of a channel.

  1. You need to get 1000 subscribers on your channel.
  2. Your videos have 4000 hours of watch time in the last 12 months.
  3. You should agree with the policies & guidelines of YouTube.
  4. You need to have an Ad account.

1. Get 1000 subscribers:

Getting first 1000 subscribers is very easy if you consistently upload videos & increase the user engagement.

To increase the user engagement, you have to do the public poll or upload pictures related to your content that will engage your audience.

And definitely you have to consistently upload the videos on your channel atleast 1 video daily.

As not only this increases your subscribers but also increases watch time of your channel.

If you truly want to grow fast on youtube take a look at –

How to grow YouTube channel fast & free in 2021

2. 4000 Hours watch time in 12 months:

The second requirement in monetizing the YouTube channel is the 4000 hours to watch time on all your videos uploaded over the last 12 months.

It looks too hard to generate 4000 hours of watch time in 12 months but you know what? You can do it within 4-5 months maximum.

How would you do that? Only one thing be consistent.

To be consistent you have to choose the right niche or topic on which you upload the videos before starting a channel.

If you choose a niche that is your favorite then you like to make videos on it without getting bored in a consistent way.

3. Follow YouTube policies & guidelines:

YouTube have policies & guidelines to maintain it secure which I recommend you should follow.

YouTube strictly states that you should follow our policy & guidelines to get approval for monetization of a channel.

If you copy the content, make videos that go against YouTube’s monetization policy then your channel will get banned so be aware of it.

Your video content should follow advertiser-friendly content guidelines to show ads on your videos & make money.

4. Setup an Ad account:

Ad is a free & easy way to earn money where it shows ads on your content.

All you need to do is create an free account on ad & verify your email.

It will further required in monetization of your YouTube channel to connect.

You can only open account for lifetime which is sufficient.

Now, at the time of applying your channel for monetization, you have to connect this ad account to get ads showing on your videos.

After hiting these requirements you will get approval for monetization of your channel.

But the main thing is you must understand YouTube’s rules and regulations to keep your monetized account safe.

Also I will tell a step by step process to apply for monetization.

So, are you ready? Let’s understand.

Rules to be eligible for monetization on YouTube

There are some rules to be followed to monetize your channel on YouTube.

YouTube states that,

“When you apply for the YouTube Partner Program, you’ll go through a standard review process to see whether your channel meets YouTube’s policy and guidelines. Only channels that meet them will be accepted into the program.”

Which means you have to strictly follow their policy & guidelines if you want to monetize your channel.

I highly recommend you to once go through the YouTube policy & guidelines so that you will not face any trouble while applying for monetization.

YouTube can disable your monetization at any time if you don’t follow their rules & guidelines even after approval.

Don’t worry,

If you do hard work & create unique videos that comply with these rules then it’s going to be great for you.

Now let’s took a look at important copyright & monetization policies on YouTube.

YouTube’s copyright & monetization policies

The copyright & monetization policies are taken into consideration to maintain the original content.

If you copy other people’s content to use it on your channel then it is not the right way, for that YouTube will give you a penalty.

YouTube does not want you to copy any other material to use without their permission so it can demonetize your channel at any time.

Your content should have educational value, original commentary or editorialised statement which will give value to your audience.

If your idea of content is already used by someone or you want to take ideas from any third party & use it, then you have to add your own uniqueness & value to that content.

But it’s not a good idea, you can’t do this every time because at the end YouTube will definitely find it & will not monetize your content.

While reviewing your channel if YouTube finds most of your content is duplicated that does provide any unique value then your channel will not be eligible for monetization in the YouTube partner program.

Ever thought why YouTube does this?

Youtube does this for protecting & rewarding the original content creators who do hard work.

Let’s look from this point of view If you are a Youtuber who is doing too much hard work day & night sacrificing things creating original valuable content which if someone stole it and getting your views then how will you feel?

It will be the worst situation ever.

So, youtube protect your content from copying.

Sometimes you may observe some channels are using copied content but you don’t know the situation either they have got the permission or they will get caught in the future.

So, I suggest you not to choose any shortcuts.

There is no way other than hard work to become successful in life.

Now, you have understood how to monetize a YouTube channel.

But before monetization, you have to first apply for it, & so I have stepwise explained below how to apply for monetization on YouTube.

PS: If you have any doubts regarding the above content you are free to ask it in the Comment section we are here to help you out from any quarry.

How to apply for YouTube monetization

Applying for monetization is a short & simple process which can be done within few minutes.

There are some requirements before applying for monetization as mentioned above.

When all 4 requirements are done then you get an application option.

To see weather your requirements are met or not follow the steps

Step#1: Go to the YouTube Studio, where you will find the monetization on the left side.

Step#2: Look at the two main requirements of 1000 subscribers & 4000 hours watch time

(If they have completed you will see the APPLY NOW option.)

IMP. TIP: As YouTube updates all today’s analytics the next day sometimes you will see 4000 hours completed in analytics but in monetization, the requirement is not fulfilled, then try the next day.

Step#3: Click on apply now then you will be redirected to the page.

Where you have to complete 3 steps:

How to monetize a youtube channel

1. Review partner program terms:

You will have to accept all the terms that YouTube partner program has.

Just click on the step & click on accept terms.

2. Sign Up for Ad:

If you already have an Ad account you can select it or if not then go with No, I don’t have an existing account

Then it will redirect you to login or choose an email to open an account.

Choose one & you will again redirected to fill the form to create an ad account.

Now fill the form & click on submit.

This step takes time to complete.

3. Get reviewed:

Finally, your application goes under review where your channel will be reviewed manually.

When all policies are met youtube will approve your channel for monetization.

This review period sometimes gets delayed but you don’t have to worry, you will get notified when your monetization is ready.

Now what if your application got rejected?

It also has a solution which is mentioned below.

YouTube monetization rejection problem

YouTube monetization rejection problem

Got a message form YouTube that your channel does not fits in our policy & guidelines?

Then you must have done something wrong which I’m going to solve.

First you have to know the new 2020 guidelines of monetization.

Here’s the checklist of the points to be considered.

  • Your channel should have a fixed theme i.e. you have to create the videos on a particular topic by choosing a niche.
  • Do not increase views, likes comments manually or automatically.
  • You should not watch your own videos to increase watch time.
  • Your videos should follow youtube’s guidelines.
  • Your videos should provide true value to the people.
  • Check whether your videos are not copied.

Check these points & also watch the below video to briefly understand & get approval for monetization.

YouTube will give you a general reason but not specific why your application has been rejected it will help you to fix the problem.

Make right changes according to the reason & then you can reapply it in 30 days of time.

You need to again check all the community guidelines & copyright content guidelines of YouTube.

And if your videos have some copyright issues then there is no other option than to delete them.

If you don’t understand anything there is a support page provided by YouTube on what you should do if you rejected from the YouTube partner program find it here.

Now if your channel is small & want to make money other than YouTube partner program like affiliate marketing & some other ways check out this.

Final Thoughts: How to monetize a YouTube channel

YouTube has a great potential to make money and by knowing how to monetize a youtube channel you can earn it.

My last suggestion to you is to love your work & be consistent, for that ypu have to only work on favourite particular topic.

Get help to find a right topic for you & grow on YouTube.

FAQ’s for YouTube Channel Monetization

Q.1: How much watch time required for YouTube monetization?
Ans: To monetize your YouTube channel, you must have at least 4000 hours of watch time in the last 12 months.

Q.2: How many subscribers need to monetize the YouTube channel?
Ans: You must have at least 1000 subscribers on your YouTube channel before you can apply for monetization. And there is no time limit of 12 months or other in the case of the subscriber.

Q.3: How long does it take YouTube to review a channel for monetization in 2021?
Ans: Youtube usually takes a month to review a channel manually but it can take longer in some cases.

Q.4: How to become eligible for monetization on YouTube?
Ans: To become eligible for YouTube monetization in less than 6 months you need to consistently provide quality content.

Q.5: How to enable your channel for monetization?
Ans: Once you have met the youtube monetization eligibility criteria, you will receive an email from the youtube partner program, then your channel will be under review process. If you get approved, you can enable monetization on your youtube channel.

Thanks for reading.

PS: Give us feedback if you liked our article & if it had helped you. If you have any doubts or any quarry you can ask in the comment section, our team is here to solve all your quarries.

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