Microwave Oven – How to choose | Buying Guide

Various types of microwave oven are available in the market. Most advanced model is the convection type, they are described below


This is the most simple microwave oven in the market, having basic & limited cooking capabilities. These are the cheapest models available.


In addition to basic microwave cooking, this model has a grilling function as well. It has heating coils that help in grilling, toasting or roasting.


This is the most advanced microwave oven in the market, a circulating fan to distribute the heat waves efficiently. This has all the functions of the basic microwave and grill as well. This can be used for baking.

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Microwave Oven Capacity

Various different capacities are available in the market and the choice will depend on the individual usage and family size.

Family SizeCapacity Required
2-3 members17-20L
3-4 members20-25L
4-6 members25-30L

Some other important features are described below

Auto Cook

This feature has pre-set programs, which makes recipes simpler. You select the type of cooking and the weight, power and cooking times are automatically selected.

Child Lock

This is a useful feature to have, to protect small children at home.


This feature can be used to quickly defrost the frozen food items, instead of waiting for it to un-freeze.

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Pre Heat

This feature is used to get the oven at a set temperature before starting cooking. This is mainly used for cooking cakes and cookies and some grill items.


This feature is used for roasting & grilling meat, vegetables, paneer, etc.

Microwave Oven Timer

This feature is can be used to set a timer for cooking and the cooking will stop after set time, instead of manually checking and stopping the cooking. For example, you can set a timer for pop-corn.

Microwave Oven Panel Types

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Microwave ovens come with various types of control panels like mechanical dials, touch panels, and jog wheels.

Mechanical DialThese are simple and easy to use panels, having a long life.
Touch Control PanelFeather touch controls like smartphones, for precise controls. These are also easy to clean.
Tactile & Jog DialThis is easy to use, even with soiled hands, without damaging the unit.

Best Microwave oven in India – Conclusion

As you have seen above there are many different models available in the market and they are useful for different situations.

Microwave oven is all about convenience and the selection should be based on individual needs and convenience.

To find the Best Microwave oven in India, we have listed the most suitable models, that can be used for most family sizes. Select the model that you like and click on the link provided to check for the latest price.

We have even provided a link that will take you to the online store for purchase if you want.

For further research about different microwave oven, click here.

We have worked hard to compile this list, please feel free to write your comments or criticism.

So what are you waiting for, go for it. Happy shopping!

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