How do I choose a Best toaster? Buying Guide

How to choose the Best Toaster 2022?

Buying the best toaster is indeed a very confusing task. There are a lot of new entries in the market that claim to be the best. We have already listed the top toasters However, each person has different needs, and you should choose your new toaster based upon these crucial factors.

Here is why:

You should always pay deep attention before choosing your next toaster. Among pop-up toasters, those toasting two slices of bread are more purchased than those which can toast four. However, you should look for your needs and choose accordingly.

Toaster Design Aesthetics

The first and foremost thing one notices in a product is the beauty of its design. Always go for a modern look appliance that will add to the beauty of the kitchen. Don’t fall for the trap of beautiful design only. Consider other essential features, as well.

Toaster Independent slots

If you have a family, you know that everyone has different browning preferences. Some like light shades others like extra dark shade. Independent slots offer you the luxury of having two different shadings at a single time. This feature is pretty useful. Know your needs and choose the product accordingly.

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Toaster Slot Size

Another important factor is the slot size. Obviously, you don’t want a toasters that does not hold your bread nicely. Pay deep attention to the slot size. Narrow slots can become a nightmare and can ruin your whole breakfast tempo.

Consistent Browning

It is perhaps the most crucial feature you should be looking at in a toaster. Make sure that your toasters has evenly shading. No one likes white patches or burnout in the bread. Always read reviews like on this site to get an idea of how the browning feature works.

Bagel Mode

If you love crispier bagels. You should have a dedicated bagel mode in your toasters. The bagel mode is designed in a way that the outer side of the bagel is crispier, and the insides are juicy. That’s how a bagel should be. If you love bagels, look for one that has a dedicated bagel mode.


The function of the lever is to lift up the bread from the toasters slots. A lot of the modern and high-end models have motorized lever. Motorized levers lift up the bread with the touch of a button. It’s handy. It just makes the whole toasting process luxurious and enjoyable. Look for your need, whether you want a motorized lever or a manual one.


You should always keep your toaster clean. That’s why we emphasize having a toaster that has a crumb tray. It’s effortless to clean the toaster using a crumb tray instead of turning the toaster upside down.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are some questions that we frequently get asked by people. So, instead of answering these questions over and over again, we have put them together in the form of a Q & A for your convenience.

How Does the Bagel Mode Work on a Toaster?

The Bagel mode on the toaster is specifically manufactured for the bagels. This mode deactivates the elements on the inner side of the toaster while keeping the outer elements intact.
Thus, it delivers bagels that are crunchy on the outside, while keeping the juicy side of the bagels intact.

Can We Toast Frozen Bread?

Yes, most of the toasters have the Frozen Mode, which allows you to directly toast the frozen bread, which is absolutely amazing.

How Often Should You Clean Your Toaster?

It totally depends upon the usage of your toaster. However, we recommend cleaning your toaster once a week to keep it in pristine condition. In this way, you maintain proper hygiene and aesthetics.

What Company Makes the Best Toasters?

There are a number of brands that manufacture quality toasters. The notable ones are Cuisinart, KRUPS, Black+Decker, and Breville.

Final Verdict

Toasters are an important kitchen appliance. You should choose your toasters based on your needs. Some people like a simple toasters at a reasonable price. For such people, we recommend the Cuisinart CPT-142 Toaster.

If you like a modern feel with a lot of extra features like the motorized lever. We highly recommend the Breville BTA820XL Smart Toasters. It’s the best toaster 2022, only if you can afford it.

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