Bicycle Horns: Classic to Modern

You may not think of bicycle bells as being so distinct, but the classic ringing bell is. You can find many different types of bells today if you are a bicycle enthusiast and want to use many different types of bells. Maybe you are a collector of classic bells and want one that will suite your needs for making your restored gem the perfect bike on the road. The different types of bike horns are more popular than ever.

Different Types of Bicycle Horns Available

There are many different types of bike horns that you will be able to buy from many different retailers or vendors. The classic air horns that were sold on many bikes years ago can make an excellent addition to a classic bike. There are also new modern horns that will make enough sound to let cars know that you are on the road. An old horn that does not make enough sound will not keep you safe and let people know that you are on the road. That is why today there are manufactures of horns that will allow people to know that you are on the road and help to keep you safe.

Why Use A Bicycle Horn?

You may want to use a bicycle horn for different reasons. There are some states in the United States, like the state of New York, that require you to have a sounding device for your safety if you are going to be riding a bicycle on the road. This is why many people in the state of New York use bicycle horns. it is because it is required, but you do not have to have a bicycle horn just because it is required.

Most states do not require you to use a sound device if you are going to be riding a bicycle. This does not mean that it is not a good idea, bicycles are hard to see and often times you will not be noticed by drivers of cars. The horn is a safety precaution to help keep you safe by letting drivers of cars know that you are on the road.

Where to find Bicycle Horns

There are many places where to find a bicycle horn. You will find that there are many vendors of louder more improved horns that will give you an added pice of mind and security when riding your bicycle on the road.

Bicycle Bells History: What They’re Like, Then and Now

You may remember the classic bicycle bell from when you were younger and the ringing of the bell as you rode down the street. But today there are more than a million different types of bells available for bicycles and you will be able to find one that suits your needs at a reasonable price. You may want to know many things about the classic bell, you may want to know where is the best place to find that classic bell to fit on a restored gem. Today with the internet you will find all the information on bicycle bells and more.

Bicycle Bells a Brief history and the different Types Available

The bicycle bell is not anything new as it has been around for more than a century, the inventor John Richard Dedicoat first patented the bicycle bell, long before there were millions of cars on the road, in 1877 and since then they have not change a whole lot and are still a popular accessory on bicycles sold from the factory. There are basically two different types of the classic bicycle bell that can be distinguished by the different types of ringers that they have to ring the bell. The bells will have a mechanical operating part inside that works with gears to chime the bell or they can be as simple as a thumb ringer that chimes the bell from the outside, both types you will probably be using your thumb to chime the bell.

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Why Use A Bicycle Bell Today?

You may think that it is not that necessary to use a bicycle bell or maybe you have even removed a bicycle bell from you bike because of its look, or distracting you. but be aware in many places it is now mandatory to have an audible device on a bicycle that you will be riding on public road ways. In Brittan it was mandatory to have a bicycle bell until 1983 and now it is once again mandatory.

Other places that have bicycle bell ordinances are, Ontario where you can receive an$85 fine for not having an audible device, New Jersey, and New York, bit have bicycle bell laws in place as well. Even though there are laws in many places it is often a good idea to have an audible device if you are going to be riding a bicycle on public road ways. You will be able to find your new bicycle bell from any retailer.

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