Best Non-stick Sandwich Maker

Introduction to Best Non-stick Sandwich

You have bought a sandwich maker to save time during the office rush. But you not enough polished in cooking. You are afraid that the sandwich may get stuck to the heating surfaces if you do not take it out in proper time. Nothing to worry! Here is the solution for you. Almost all sandwich makers now have come up with a wonderful feature called non-stick. It is a special coating mainly made with ceramic and sometimes other ingredients. Due to this special coating on the heating plates, the sandwiches never get stuck to the surface. Another facility is that non-stick coating extra oil or butter or cheese doesn’t get stuck to the surface. Hence, the plates are easy to clean. Let’s find out the best non-stick sandwich maker in India.

Why Should You Buy Best Non-stick Sandwich in India

Before buying, the first question that should come up in your mind is that why should you buy a non-stick sandwich maker? You should buy because:

  • It saves time during your busy schedule.
  • Sandwich doesn’t get stuck – hence, hassle free sandwich making
  • Faster cooking
  • You can make 2 or more sandwiches at a time.
  • No tension of flipping the sandwiches.
  • Heating indicators will make the process easier.
  • Easy to clean as oil or cheese doesn’t get stuck.
  • There is no cooking knowledge required to make sandwiches in a sandwich maker.

For details you can go through our guide on how to use a sandwich maker.

Factors To Be Considered Before Buying A Non-stick Sandwich Maker

It’s not only about one feature. Along with non-stick coating, you need to consider some factors before buying the best non-stick sandwich maker.


The most important thing that needs to consider is the power consumption of the sandwich maker. You are using it at your home. Hence, it should consume less power. Usually the power consumption range of domestic products should stay 800W-1500W. Some makers with higher capacity, consume more power – 1800W-2000W.

Number of Slices

From 2 sandwiches to 4 sandwiches – sandwich makers for domestic purposes generally have the capacity in between. It depends upon you need, that which one you are going to buy. If there are more than 2 members at your house, you may buy 4-slaice sandwich maker. But if only you two are staying, then 2-slice maker can be the best choice.


This is the most important feature as well as criteria. The heating plates must be non-stick ceramic coated. So that it is easy to clean and nothing sticks to the surfaces. Non-stick surfaces also help cleaning the plates so easily. Hence, this is much needed factor to be considered before buying the best non-stick sandwich maker in India.

Heat indicators

As mentioned above that you do not need much knowledge about cooking to make sandwich in a non-stick sandwich maker. Hence, while buying a sandwich maker, you must confirm whether the make has heat indicator lights or not. Generally there are 2 indicator lights available in the makers. The red light indicates that the maker is powered on. And the green one tells that the plates are heated enough and ready to cook.


Last, but not the least, you must consider the safety of the product. You need to check whether the power cord is well coated or not, or whether the outer surfaces and the handle are heat resistant or not.  To avoid unwanted accidents and burns, the safety check is a strict yes.

Features Of A Good Non-stick Sandwich Maker

Apart from the product wise detailed information, there are some general features that need to be confirmed before buying anything. For sandwich makers you must check the following features:

The Body

The external body should be completely heat proof. You may have children at your place, so must be extra careful about accidental burns. Also the inner heating plates must be non-stick coated in order to make hassle free sandwiches and easy clean.


The more the sandwich maker becomes smart, the less time it will consume to make a sandwich. The red and green power indicators are very important here. The maker will notify you with the green light that it is hot enough to cook. And the red indicator tells you that the power supply is on.

Handles & Locking system

For domestic non-stick sandwich makers, the handles and the locking system is so important. A good locking system helps you cook your sandwiches faster as the heat stays inside during cooking. It also saves us from unwanted accidents.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is this coating safe?

Yes, the ceramic coating doesn’t allow anything to stick anything to the surface. Hence, there is no risk of any chemical reaction with the food. So, it is safe. But keep that in mind after long use, when the coating started chipping, stop using the maker immediately.

What Kind of bread needs to be used in a sandwich maker?

All types of bread slices can be used to make sandwiches in a non-stick sandwich maker. Based on the thickness of the slices and the ingredients inside the making time changes.

How to clean the sandwich maker?

Non-stick sandwich makers are of 2 types – detachable plates and fixed plated. The cleaning process of them is different. Hence, it is better to check the manual before cleaning. But due to the non-stick coating, the heating plates are so easy to clean. For more details you may check our guide on how to clean a sandwich maker.

When does the red light turn indicate?

The red light indicates that the power supply is perfect and the maker is powered on and has started the preheating process. When the pre-heating process is done the green light turns on.

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