10 Best Home Workouts: Bodyweight Training For Amazing Results

10 Best Home Workouts: Bodyweight Training For Amazing Results

We all know that exercise is essential to our physical and mental well-being. But life can get busy and who has the time? Whatever the reason may be for not driving to the gym, the truth is you actually don’t need it. Yes, gyms are a great place to go & train but with proper bodyweight exercises & Strength training, you can easily make a high-intensity routine that can work both your muscles heart rate. If that’s the case for you then you’ve come to the right place. Here are the 10 best home workouts based on fitness level, find your level, and enjoy an awesome home workout.

10 Best home workouts Level 1

  • Incline push-ups: The incline push-up is a great starting point for anyone who is looking to build up to a push-up. This elevated form of push-ups works by lifting only some of your body weight off the floor. this is done using a box or another piece of equipment.
  • Australian pull-ups: This is a bodyweight move to build up to a pull-up. This exercise consists of hanging under a low bar or rings (which height is around the hips’ height) with a straight body and your feet touching the ground.
  • Assisted chair squat: Assisted chair squats are used as a precursor and is an amazing way to learn the form of a traditional squat. It uses a chair as a reference point to how far down you are lowering yourself.
  • Plank: This is a great beginner exercise for those looking to work on their abdominal muscles. It involves maintaining a position similar to a push-up for the maximum possible time.
  • Dip hold: A dip hold is a starting off point for building to a dip, it works by holding at the top position of the dip movement and building the shoulder and grip strength to further advance in the dip.

10 Best home workouts Level 2

  • Push-up negatives: Push-up negatives are the next step closer to a regular push up. To complete this move, you start at the top of a regular push-up & then slowly lower your body to the ground with as much control as possible & using the resistance of gravity to your advantage
  • Jumping negative pull-ups: jumping negative pull-ups are essentially the same concept as Push-up negatives but in the form of a pull-up. Find a hor
  • izontal bar & use momentum to jump to the top of a pull-up positionthen control your body down and fight the resistance that gravity is putting on your body
  • Assisted chair dips: Also called tricep dips, use the front edge of a chair, lower and raise yourself with your feet on the floor for support. This will work you triceps muscles making sure they are strong and ready for the next level of this program.
  • Air Squat: Air squats are the next step after achieving the from gained with the chair squat, this will allow you to have a better range of motion while giving you the feeling of a real squat.
  • Laying leg flutters:Laying leg flutters acts as a combo of both isometric and dynamic exercises. Do these by laying on the floor with your head up. Lift both your legs off the ground and alternate them up & down. This motion will work your abdominal muscles much more due to the physical contracting of the muscle.

10 best home workouts Level 3

  • Standard push-up: Congrats, After achieving the previous two levels you’ve finally gained enough strength to do the classic standard push-up. Do this by keeping your head, torso & legs straight in a push-up position. Lower and raise yourself up in a controlled manner, keeping your elbows tucked in at the side of your body.
  • Standard pull-ups: This is the classic pull-up and you should be proud of yourself for getting this far! To complete this exercise. Start with a dead hang on a parallel barthen lift yourself up by contracting your lat’s in your back and using your biceps as a secondary muscle. Try to imagine driving your elbow’s to your body instead of pulling with your arms. When at the top, slowly lower yourself back down to the dead hang position.
  • Band assisted Dip: The band-assisted dip is for those who can not yet do a full-body dip weight dip but have moved on from performing a triceps dip. Perform by applying a resistance band to each side of parallel dip bars, then place this band under your knees and perform the dip movement. The resistance band will provide extra support and allow you to get the feeling of the full dip movement.
  • Deep squat: Much like the standard air squat but you are going much lower to the ground. Do this by attempting to go as low as possible to the ground. Notice that it takes much more effort to raise your body from this deep position, requiring more strength than a standard squat would.
  • Bicycle: The bicycle is an ab exercise’s unlike any other as it works both you upper & lower abs, along with your obliques.

10 Best home workouts Level 4

  • Wide push-ups: Wide push-ups are a simple way to advance your push-up game. By positioning your hand’s wider apart, you are targeting more of your chest and shoulders than would a standard push-up.
  • L-Sit Pull-Ups: L-sit pull-ups are more of an advanced type of exercise. This is done by performing a regular standard pull-up while having your leg’s 90 degrees out in front of you. This is much harder because your center of mass moves in front of you in a hanging L-sit which decreases the leverage and makes you back and shoulders work much harder than in a regular pull-up.
  • Dip negatives: Dip negatives are a great progression from an assisted band dip because it allows you to work with your full body weight off the ground. Start by holding yourself at the top of the dip movement and slowly lower yourself down. Once completed, Jump back to the starting position and repeat.
  • Narrow stance squat: A narrow stance squat is an advanced form of squat in which your legs are close together and your body is in a straight line. Most people find that they cannot go as low with this variation due to the balance and control that is requires compared to a regular or wide stance squat.
  • Russian twists: A Russian twist is an oblique oriented exercise that requires core stability and endurance. This exercise involves rotating your torso from side to side while holding a sit-up position with your feet off the ground.

10 Best home workouts Level 5

  • Diamond push-ups: Diamond push-up is a tricep focused variation. Get in a standard push-up position but place your hands close together, forming a diamond shape.
  • Inverted row pull-ups: Inverted row pull-ups are a combo of the Australian row and a standard pull-up. It works like a toe to bar movement but by engaging your lower back and pushing up on your hips to maintain this position, then you want to push up to your abdomen and back down.
  • Standard Dips: Grab two parallel bars, hoist yourself up, and then lower your entire body by bending your elbow’s and keeping your body tight. This movement works by using your entire body weight for the whole movement and is a great exercise’s for your triceps, biceps, chest, and shoulders.
  • Alternating Lunges: Step forward with one leg out bending the knee, it should look something like you are about to propose to someone. Activate your glutes and quads to get yourself back into the starting position and do it again on the opposite side.
  • Lying knee raises: This abdominal exercise works all the muscles in your core and even the small ones that are used to stabilize your body which is vital for true strength. Start by laying on the floor with your hands under your butt. While keeping your legs together and straight, lift them 90 degrees in front of you using your core and then lower them in a controlled manner.

10 Best home workouts Level 6

  • Elevated push-up: Elevated push-ups require that you have your feet elevated off the ground using a  chair or box. Your elevated feet reduce the support given by your lower body therefore Increasing the intensity of the move.
  • Archer pull-ups: The mighty archer pull-up is a prerequisite for building the strength to do a one-arm pull-up in the future & can be thought of as a one-arm pull-up but assisted by your other arm for support. The move is completed by keeping one arm straight while relying primarily on the opposite side to do the bulk of the pulling. Alternate from arm to arm evenly to make sure you work both sides.
  • Straight bar dip holds: This move is very similar to the parallel bar hold we did in level one of this program but now you are doing it with a different bar. This exercise is used to get yourself comfortable in the starting position of a straight bar dip.
  • Bulgarian split squat: The Bulgarian split squat is a squatting version of a single leg squat where the back leg is elevated on a bench or a sturdy chair. While keeping you back legs toes on the edge of the chair, use the leg in front of you to lower yourself down and come back up. This exercise will develop great strength in your legs because more of the load is being placed on one leg with only the back leg being used as support.
  • Crucifixes: Perform by lying on your back, your legs straight and your arm’s out & in line with your shoulders. Use your core to bring your upper body up and your leg’s to your chest with your knees bent. Touch your toes with your hands & return to the starting position.

10 Best home workouts Level 7

  • Explosive push-ups: This variation of push-up demands much more strength from any of the previous versions we have covered in this article due to the demand of the type 2 muscle fibers. The forceful push you exert onto your muscles requires a tremendous amount of energy and stability & your entire body has to flex at the end of the movement to prepare for the impact with the floorStart in a standard push-up position and lower yourself down, At this moment you going to tighten your body & forcefully push with your chest lifting your upper body off the ground. When landing, flex your body and keep your core tight to help take the impact.
  • High pull-ups: High pull-ups are done by surpassing your chin to where the hand meets the chest or lower. reaching your chest or even your stomach and hips.
  • Straight bar dip negatives: Straight bar dip negatives are the next step from a straight bar hold. To perform this movement you are going to get into the starting position and slowly lower yourself down fighting the resistance. When performing this exercise you will have to lower and have the bottom of your chest reach or come very close to the bottom of the bar. You will notice that will a straight bar dip you will have to slightly curve your hips and lean forward to achieve this. Once at the bottom, jump back up to the starting position and repeat.
  • Explosive squats: Explosive squats are another forceful movement just this the explosive push-up. This will have the same impact on your leg muscles, requiring more strength through the explosive aspect of the move. Start by performing a standard squat and bend your knee until you reach the bottom position of a squat. Drive through your heels and explode on with your legs & jumping off the ground. Just like any explosive exercise, prepare your body for the impact.
  • Jackknife: Perform by lying flat on you back with your arms extended overhead and your feet raised off the floor. Slowly bring you straight arms toward your hips, and lifting your upper torso off the floor.

10 Best home workouts Level 8

  • Archer push-ups: Archer push-ups are the first step to advancing to a single-arm push-up. Much like the Archer pull-up, This exercise allows you to take a bigger load of your body weight on one arm while still getting support from your other arm as well. Start in the “up” push up position with your arms wider than shoulder-width. Lower down to one side and keep that side’s arm bent and close to your body while the supporting arm is straight and out in alignment with your shoulder.
  • High L-sit pull-ups: A high L-sit pull-up is very similar to the high pull-up & just as the L-sit pull-up was the next progression from the standard pull-up, the high L-sit pull-up is the next step from the high pull-up. This is done by continuing to pull as high as you can but keeping your feet out at a 90-degree angle the entire time.
  • Straight bar dips: Do this by starting in a straight bar dip hold at the top of the movement. Then lower yourself down slowly just like you practiced with the straight bar dip negatives. Once at the bottom and your chest is touching the bar, push from your chest and arms to lift yourself back up again.
  • Single leg chair squat: The single-leg chair squat is one of the very first movements to start on the journey of pistol squatting. This is done by using a chair for support, very much like we used earlier with the assisted chair squats in level one. Stand in front of the chair and lift one of your legs out in front of you. With your other leg, first, bend at the hips and start to squat down using the same form as with a regular squat. Continue to squat and lower yourself until your butt reaches the edge of the chair, then lift up and repeat on the other leg.
  • Hanging knee raises: This exercise is done using a pull-up bar or a Roman chair allowing your legs to hang freely. Raise & lower your knees to the chest &  using your core strength.

10 Best home workouts Level 9

  • One-arm push-ups: The one-arm push-up is described just as you might imagine, by using only one arm to perform the push-up. This takes tremendous amounts of strength & skill but should be reachable if followed by the previous levels.
  • One arm pull-up negatives: The one-arm pull-up negative movement is another eccentric focused exercise.  Jump up to the top position of a standard pull-up, and while at the top release one arm. Fight gravity as it pulls you down.
  • Muscle-up negatives: A muscle-up negative is going to help you build to doing a full muscle-up. This exercise is not only beneficial for your chest but literally every other muscle within your body as well. Start by performing straight bar dip negatives but at the bottom, keep your thumbs tucked close to your chest. Start to slowly let your body slide back and out of that dip position. As you do so, keep the bar close to your chest & elbows in a tightly bent position as you transition from above the bar to below it. Once below the bar simple lower yourself down to the floor & repeat.
  • Assisted pistol squat: This will help you reach the floor in your pistol squat. Use a surface to help support you as you focus on getting the form of this exercise down. Do not your knee pass your toes as this will help you from leaning too much forward.
  • Hanging leg raises: This is a step up from the hanging knee raises we talked about in level 8. A similar movement, but by extending your leg’s out 90 degrees in front of you, you are increasing the intensity. Grab a Horizontal bar with your hands shoulder-width apart. Engage your abdominal muscles & while keeping your torso stable, slowly raise your legs, keeping them straight and driving through your glutes, until they are at a 90-degree angle with your torso. Then lower them into a straight hanging position & repeat.

10 Best home workouts Level 10

  • Pseudo planche push-up’s: This is one of the hardest push-up movements to nail down not only because it requires a large amount of strength & body control but also because the hand placement is so different from any other form of push-up we have covered. With this variation, place your hands at hip level with your fingers pointing out at too the side. In this position, you lift the majority of your body weight while also having to stabilize every other muscle group.
  • One-arm pull-up’s: This movement is the king of all other pull-up variations. With this exercise, you are lifting yourself up until your chin above the bar using a single arm. This takes time to build too. But with patience and persistence, you can get there!
  • Muscle-ups: This is an advanced strength exercise in the realm of calisthenics. It is a combination of a radial pull-up followed by a dip. The skill & technique of getting yourself from a dead hanging to hip level above the bar will not only show yourself how much you have advanced but how much more you can continue to learn in the future.
  • Pistol squat: We have covered the assisted pistol squat & now it is time for the final test and try out the real thing. The pistol squat takes a really complex mix of strength, flexibility, and motor control. This exercise will take time! So don’t rush to get there & stay focused on the form. It’s like riding a bike in that once you learn to do it, the muscle memory will take over. Practice doesn’t make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect.
  • L-sit hold: Practice by sitting on the floor or using parallel bars to lift yourself up into a standard dip hold. Lift your legs straight out in front in a 90-degree angle & practice holding that position for about 30 seconds.

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