How to choose the Best Gas Stove in India?

You can choose the gas stove based on the parameters mentioned below:

  1. Material used
  2. Burners
  3. Knobs
  4. Design
  5. Warranty
  6. Ease to clean
  7. Finishing
  8. Pan support
  9. Price
  10. Flame
  11. Service and maintenance

Explaining them in detail:

Material used:

The material used for burners, base, and knobs means everything of the gas stove is important. Burners are mostly made of brass or aluminum. Prefer brass burner because of its high heat-retaining capacity.

Base can be made up of glass or steel. Steel one may get delicate after a few days. And also there are chances of steel getting heated up easily. So choose the glass model as it won’t get heated that much fast and also it will be for a longer time. Glass one looks so good in your kitchen. Knobs are mostly made up of plastic. Choose the one which is strong among them.


Material choice has been mentioned above and now comes choosing how many burners you needed. Choose as per your family size and the utility. If you are of a small family with 2 to 4 members then two burners gas stove will be sufficient. But again it depends on your purpose also. That means if all the 4 people need to go to offices or schools then to make cooking faster and heating water all at a time needed more burners gas stove.

If you are of medium family size then three burners gas stove will be good enough. If you are of large family size then four burners gas stove apts you.


Knobs are the main part to regulate the gas incoming to the burner from the gas cylinder. You will face a problem if you don’t choose the gas stove with better knobs. They should be so strong and should be easy to rotate. You need to change the incoming gas speed so easily from low to high and should easily off it. They should not be breakable. Choose the model with very strong knobs.


Design is also important if you need your kitchen to look amazing. Mostly the gas stoves are in rectangle shape. The latest designs may get in curved models. Choose the gas stove which fits your kitchen as per the place you have.


There are chances of gas stove getting damaged based on the usage. On the safe side choose the company which gives more warranty period.

Ease to clean:

As the gas stove is the daily using equipment make sure to have the feature of cleaning it easily. This will be possible if the burners are spacious and easy to remove for cleaning. The whole base and burners should be convenient enough to clean. It is required to clean it on a regular basis as there are chances of bacteria getting accumulated. If you cook food in the same area then there are high chances of getting diseases. So be careful while choosing the model.


The finishing should be so smooth. The edges of the base should not be sharp. If it is sharp then there are chances of women and even children get hurt sometimes due to sharp edges. Coming to the burner the finishing is so important. As you will operate it most of the time it should be smooth enough to not hurt your palms and fingers. The burner should also be so smooth finished otherwise while cleaning it you may cut your palm and fingers.

Pan support:

Nowadays various models have come into the picture with various types of support being provided for the pan. The burners are shaped and the separate base is being provided to hold the pan properly. This gives a better balance for the dishes you use. Without good pan support, there are chances of the cooking dishes to spill on you. Even there is good support it is recommended to use apron while cooking for the safe side.


The price of the gas stove depends on the model and the material of the gas stove you choose. Purchase as per your budget and family size and also mostly based on your requirement. The steel gas stoves cost less compared to black glass gas stoves. The number of burners also specifies the price of the gas stove. The top end finished gas stove costs more and the less end finished gas stove costs less. The more you spend the more features you will get and also more attractive it looks. If you can’t invest that much then choose the one with basic features that will be sufficient for your family.


The flame plays a major role as without it you can’t cook. Choose the model which gives better even distribution of flame to the whole pan which you place on the gas stove. For hotels and function halls cooking purposes, the flame should get very high otherwise it consumes a lot of time to serve the guests who come to the party. It is ok even if you get medium flame for home purposes.

Service and maintenance:

The gas stove even if you are cleaning on a daily basis there are chances of dust getting stuck at the flame generating place. There are chances of knob getting break. So choose the company model which can provide better service and maintenance. It is recommended to give your gas stove for at least once in three months to make it work effectively without disturbing you.

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