Best Car Battery Buying Guide

Expecting your car battery to last forever is not real. You love your car very much, you maintain it very well, you have a good quality car battery, but the harsh truth is that your car battery can’t last forever. You have to replace it at least once or twice your vehicles lifetime. So it’s better that you think twice before purchasing your car battery so that it lasts longer.

No matter you are having a BMW or maybe a Toyota or any other car. There is a suitable, affordable and long-lasting car battery always available. After doing loads of research, finally, we have come up with some of the best car batteries for you that are available in the market. Our list comprises of some of the best quality car batteries in terms of quality, durability and of course the price.

When To Replace Car Battery?

A car battery mostly uses a maintenance-free 12-volt battery. The capacity to hold a charge gradually reduces with time. You will not be able to start your car, once the battery gets weak or even sometimes during cold weather. To avoid such situations, you should replace your car battery before this critical situation arises.

A car battery if used properly can easily last for 5 years. But on the other hand, if the batteries are not taken care of, they may get worn and become inefficient within 2-3 years only. The car battery usually worsens with every time you charge it. So you solely have to maintain the battery and replace it on time.

A car battery if used properly can easily last for 5 years. But on the other hand, if the batteries are not taken care of, they may get worn and become inefficient within 2-3 years only. The car battery usually worsens with every time you charge it. So you solely have to maintain the battery and replace it on time.

A weak battery will often start your engine slower and the lights may be dim or may flick sometimes.

Best Place To Buy Car Battery

Car battery are often say the most delicate part of your car. But one will never notice about his car battery unless it gets into trouble. Imagine rushing from your home to the office and your car battery gets you in trouble half the way. This can land you in many troubles and can prove to be the worst scenario for you.

You need to replace your car battery before it gets dead. A car battery shows different signs and symptoms that it is about to be dead soon. So one must buy and replace their car battery before it gets completely dead.

So the question arises here is to find the best place to buy a car battery. Well, there are many platforms to buy your car battery online. Few car battery websites will contain a wide gamut of different brands car battery, while some are limited to just one or two brands.

P.S- Some websites may provide you cheap car batteries too or maybe any car battery on discount. So always keep checking below-mentioned websites and don’t miss any offer on the car battery.

Get the complete list of best places to buy car battery here.

How Much Does a Car Battery Cost?

A car battery usually lasts for about 2-5 years on average depending upon the battery used, vehicle and climate type. Well replacing a car battery with a new one will generally cost you around $ 100. ( this is an average cost, the original price may vary depending upon your vehicle)

The type of battery you are going to purchase will decide the cost. Like lead-acid battery will cost you around $ 130 average. Whereas AGM battery will cost you around $200 average.

Note- Above prices are exclusive of the mechanic charges.

Best Car Battery For Cold Weather

Cold weather is the worst part of your car battery. It is the time when your car battery suffers the most. You may face a starting problem, or your car battery may get dead halfway. To tackle all these issues, you need the best car battery for cold weather. A battery that can easily tackle all the problems of cold weather.

CCA is a set standard to decide the ability of the battery to start the car engine. It tells how well your car battery can perform in the cold weather.

Check here the complete list of best car battery for cold weather.

Types Of Car Batteries

Batteries are available based on different types and designs and it depends upon you that what type of battery you need for your car as per your needs. Size of the engine, cranking amps, battery technology all constitute to what type of battery will be best suited for your car.

Below mentioned are some of the types of car batteries.

  1. AGM Battery
  2. Deep Cycle Batteries
  3. Spiral coil Battery
  4. Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) Batteries
  5. Lead-Acid Batteries

Things To Consider When Buying Car Battery

Depending upon nature and the climatic conditions a battery goes through, it can last for about 5 years. Below mentioned are some of the tips that you should consider before buying a car battery.

Battery Size

Car batteries are divided into various sizes and can not be the same for every car. You can check manuals or consult with your mechanic to find out the size best suited for your car. Most of the batteries have standard dimensions however, you can check the accurate dimensions from your previous used battery. Get a battery that fits perfectly into the battery tray of your car, avoid lose fitted batteries as it may damage your battery tray.

Battery Age

If you purchase a year old battery, it will have reduced performance as compared with the new. You can find the manufacturing date by looking at the code and serial present on the battery.

Reserve Capacity

Every battery comes with some amount of reserve capacity that can be used without the engine and before the battery gets discharged. A battery having high reserved capacity can take you out from many troublesome situations, when the battery stops responding.

Power Capacity (CCA)

CCA stands for Cold Cranking Amps and is referred to as the energy required to start your car engine at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. For cold climates, it is recommended to have a battery with high CCA value.


When we talk about batteries maintenance, then it can be of two types. One low maintenance while the other type is completely maintenance-free. The one that requires maintenance, needs to be serviced every 6 months. While maintenance-free car batteries are sealed with liquid electrolyte and don’t require any type of replacement.

Car Battery Maintenance Tips

Batteries are an essential part of your car and should be maintained properly to enhance its life. After all, it’s your car and you have invested money here. So try to maintain and keep it well.

Below are some car battery maintenance tips that if followed will extend your car battery life for sure.

  1. Keep your battery tightly fastened
    The loose battery could easily vibrate and result in internal damage and even short circuits. So its recommended to check and maintain your battery often.
  2. Try to drive regularly
    Batteries store charge from the reaction between the chemicals and this happens only when the car is kept in motion. So to maintain your car battery charge level, it is recommended that you drive your car regularly.
  3. Maintain the battery water level
    Even the best car battery needs to be checked upon for the water level. Check frequently and try to maintain the level to make the car work smoothly.
  4. Turn off light before you exit
    Never forget to turn off the lights of your car before you exit. As keeping it on will put a load on your battery unnecessary.
  5. Love your car
    Show care to your car to make it last longer on the road. Keep proper and timely maintenance and checkup. Never ignore early warning signs given from either your battery or car.

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