Best Bike Bells Reviews

Best Bike Bells Reviews – Especially when you pedal in the city, a good bicycle bell is essential. Moreover, even in many cities around the world is a mandatory accessory for cyclists.

For many people it might seem that the bike’s timbre is merely decorative. However, its main function is to alert other people, especially cyclists and pedestrians, that we approach.

Although you could shout or whistle to alert the other people with whom you share the roads, the sound of bicycle bells is more effective. Whether it’s a bell or horn, this sound stands out from the bustle of the city. People react faster to the sound of a bell than to someone who shouts at us or whistles at us. These small mini seconds can make the difference to roll more safely.

Some cases in which the bicycle bell is useful

  • When approaching an intersection
  • Plan to overtake cyclists in front of you
  • Alert pedestrians who are walking on the bike path
  • To announce what will happen when you arrive at a site with blind spots
  • When driving between cars stuck in a congestion

Characteristics of a good bicycle bell

Nowadays it is possible to find a great variety of types of bicycle bells. Some bell and others horn, either electronic or air. Before choosing, it’s worth taking a few minutes to review the features and make sure they fit your particular needs.

Important considerations

Ring type – Bell or horn. Generally the loudspeakers emit a louder sound. Take into account that these types of stamps are usually more bulky.
Activation mechanism – there are different ways of activating the timbres, there are those of trigger (simple or mechanical), knob and button (mainly the horns).
Timbre dimensions – There are large and striking timbres, but there are also small and discreet. The choice should be based on the look of your bike and how you use it. For example, on a road bike, which seeks to be aerodynamic, it is recommended to use a small bell.
Position on the bike – It is important to keep in mind that the less you have to move the position hand to activate the ringer it will be safer.
Style – After all, the important thing is that the doorbell you choose is to your liking and that goes with your style.

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5 Bicycle Bells Reviews

1. Knog Oi

This is a bell with a very different look and incredible sound, its design makes it discreet but functional. You can find it in 2 sizes (small and large) and in 4 different colors (black, brass, copper and silver) so you will not have problems combining it with your bike. It has a trigger with spring and its design is placed perpendicular to the handlebar.

  • Dimensions: 15mm (width of the ring)
  • Handlebar diameter: 22.2mm (boy), 23.8mm – 31.8mm (large)

2. Crane E-ne

This is a small bell with an alloy bell with a simply beautiful sound. By the position of its trigger, this bell can be placed on or in front of the handlebar or handlebar so it can be used on almost any bike. It is available in various colors (brushed silver, chrome, copper, brushed gold and neon black)

  • Dimensions: 37mm (diameter of the bell)
  • Handlebar diameter: 22.2mm – 31.8mm

3. 6KU Classic

This bell is made of brass, so not only has a classic look but so is its sound. It has two stainless steel clamps so you can mount it almost on any bike. It comes in 4 colors (black, matte gold, shiny gold and matt silver) so you’ll surely find one that goes with your bike.

  • Dimensions: 35mm (diameter of the bell)
  • Handlebar diameter: 22.2mm – 31.8mm

4. Crane Suzu

The Suzu is made of brass and has a classic design, ideal for urban Dutch type bicycles . It has a side spring trigger so this bell can be placed on the handlebar, in horizontal position or in some powers, in vertical position.

  • Dimensions: 55mm (diameter of the bell)
  • Handlebar diameter: 22.2mm – 25.4mm

5. Mirrycle Incredibell 2

The Incredibell 2 is one of the most versatile ringtones you’ll find! Not only has an adjustable clamp, but also, the trigger can be rotated 360º. You can mount it practically on any bike and in multiple positions, depending on the type of handlebar you have. Due to its size and flexibility it is ideal for folding bicycles .

  • Dimensions: 34mm (diameter of the bell)
  • Handlebar diameter: 15mm – 39mm

6. Ventura Mini Bell

The Ventura Mini Bell is a bell with a steel bell, quite colorful. It comes in several colors, each with its own design, so it can be the perfect complement to give that detail that your bike is missing. It has spring trigger and can be placed on or in front of the handlebar according to your convenience and type of handlebar.

  • Dimensions: 37mm (diameter of the bell)
  • Handlebar diameter: 22.2mm – 25.4mm

7. Action I Love My Bike

This is a steel bell with mechanical trigger quite resistant. This bell is very basic and can work perfectly for a children’s or recreational bicycle .

  • Dimensions: 55mm (diameter of the bell)
  • Handlebar diameter: 22.2mm – 25.4mm

8. ORP Smart Horn

The Smart Horn is an electronic horn combined with a front LED light. It is water approved, rechargeable via USB and has a low battery indicator. It has two sounds with different volumes, 76dB and 96dB. Its luminous power is 70Lm and has 5 modes. It is operated through a lever, which when moving upwards emits the sound of 76dB and when moving downwards it emits the sound of 96dB. It comes in a wide variety of colors.

  • Dimensions: 70mm x 38mm x 60mm
  • Handlebar diameter: 26mm – 33mm (can be mounted in smaller diameters using a rubber band included.

9. Hornit 140dB

This is another electronic horn that emits a sound of 140dB, so that everyone can hear you. It has two sounds, one quite sharp and one similar to that of a car horn, It is activated through a remote button, connected to the horn through a cable (355mm long) which you wind on the handlebar. It uses 2 AAA batteries.

  • Dimensions: 98mm x 48mm x 42mm
  • Handlebar diameter: 22.2mm – 31.8mm

10. Delta Cycles Air Zound

This horn works with air pressure and emits a sound that will undoubtedly make you listen. It has a container, which can be placed in the amphora holder, in which the air is stored and recharged with any pump. The horn is placed on the handlebar and operated by a button on its top.

  • Handlebar diameter: 22mm – 26mm

Why Bike Bells?

There are several good reasons why you should use a bike bell when riding a bike. Here are just a few of them:


This is the number one reason in many people’s minds. Having bike bells allow for a safer ride, especially when riding in crowded areas.

A good-quality bell will be loud enough to let cars know that a bike is nearby. It can often be hard to for cars to see bicyclists, and bike are typically very quiet, unlike car engines. Having a bike bell is the best way to provide an audible alert to cars that a bike is nearby.

Of course, a bike bell isn’t the only form of safety precaution that you’ll want to take. Wearing a bike helmet, wearing reflective clothing, and having the proper lights at night are all integral parts to being safe while riding a bike.

Don’t forget: bike bells are important in areas with pedestrians and other bikers as well. If pedestrians are crossing the street in front of you, a bike bell is a pleasant way to let them know that you’re approaching on a bike. If you’re coming up on a pack of other bikers and looking to pass, a bike bell serves as a more polite greeting rather than yelling.


Let’s face it: ringing a bike bell is a lot of fun! There are several different types of bike bells to choose from, and each provides its own tone when you ring it.

Some bike bells provide a single “ding” while others have a more complex and intriguing sound. You’ll surely want to check out all the options.

Kids will no doubt enjoy ringing bike bells, too. It can add to the fun of learning to bike for kids, and make them more eager to hop on and go for a ride.


Bike bells can add a fun little bit of flare to your bike’s appearance as well. While some bike bells are merely functional and have a low-profile appearance, other bells may have a more vintage look. These bells may be gaudy and bright, but that’s the whole fun of having a bell on your bicycle!

How this site will help you is a site completely dedicated to the art and craft of the bicycle bell. Here you’ll find information on what types of bells there are out there, which bells will best suit your needs, and how to install bike bells. We’ll be sure to provide pictures and links to video that will help you get started.

There are literally hundreds of different bike bells out there to choose from. We’ll do our best to round up the finest models of bike bells to point you in the right direction.

We hope you enjoy looking around our site. If you have any questions or would like to see any additional content on this site, please don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know.

We hope this makes your bike ride more enjoyable!

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