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If you own a bicycle, you know that one of the most important accessories to own is a bicycle pump. Riding your bike with a tire that is not properly inflated can damage your bike. Because bicycle pumps are not always very expensive, most people just buy the first one they find and keep it on hand without even realizing that there are many different options for bicycle pumps.

Whether you want to inflate the wheels of your bike, or if you want to inflate balloons, mats or anything else, a good air pump is an excellent purchase unless you want to improve your physical shape by blowing.

Bicycle Pumps  Shopping guide


When you decide to buy an air pump, the first thing you should ask yourself, before how much it costs, is what type of pump you need because there are currently several types of which we will talk about below:

Floor pumps: 

In every home you should never miss a floor pump. These practical inflators are usually made of materials of excellent quality and have a long service life. They are suitable for quickly inflating the tires of your bicycle thanks to the high capacity air chamber and using both hands and the strength of your body, the effort is much less. Also, it is useful to fill inflatable mattresses, balls, life jackets and much more. The disadvantage of them is that you can not take them with you during your bicycle rides because of their size.

Portable pumps: 

A cyclist should never leave the house without a portable air pump, since punctures are the order of the day and are not predictable. These cylindrical and thin pumps can be anchored to the frame of the bicycle so you can wear them comfortably and if you choose the new and compact models, you can carry them in the pocket of your jacket. Previously, these pumps required a lot of effort and the cyclist was exhausted from filling the wheels, but now there are models that allow air to escape in both directions of the movement, providing a faster filling and with less exhaustion.

CO2 Cylinders: 

If you have a loose budget, you can always opt for the new cylinders of carbon dioxide that have the necessary pressure to fill a bicycle tire. Despite being an innovative alternative, it is expensive because it is practically disposable, you can reach for one or two full fillings and then you must buy another cylinder.


If you opt for a floor or portable air pump, it is good to review its versatility. In a comparison of air pumps you will find several products that include an accessories kit so you can adapt the inflator through valves or nozzles to fill balloons, inflatable mattresses, toys and much more. This type of artifacts are always very useful at home and when you go camping, that is why your air pump must include these accessories to give you different utilities.

Pressure gauge

Before choosing an air pump, you must identify the type of bicycle you use and the type of wheel, since depending on this information, each tire uses a PSI level that guarantees the air pressure it needs. Therefore, the chosen pump must reach or exceed the PSI required by your tire. For this it is advisable to include a pressure gauge, this device is used to measure the air pressure and is really important because with it you guarantee that your wheels are filled with the proper pressure.

If the wheels are filled below the pressure, it is likely to be punctured or damaged by the sides and if the pressure is above that indicated by its type, the tire starts jumping and jumping everywhere, making the very uncomfortable driving. The manometers can display the data in PSI, BAR or KPA and even the most versatile ones give the reading in the three types of measurement.


If you choose a portable or floor pump, you should definitely have a functional and ergonomic design. The grip must be covered in non-slip material to ensure a firm grip, as well as a protection against knocks and falls that allows an extension of the useful life of the device. Similarly you can choose models that include a storage space or box for accessories and valves included so you always have them organized.

Another important aspect is to verify the couplings of the hose that allow it to be folded properly so that it does not lie on the ground, in the case of floor pumps. By knowing all these data, you can choose wisely which is the best air pump in the market for you.

Portable pumps ideal to bring on the bike

1. Enkeeo Pump O

Main advantage:

With this equipment you will not only be able to supply air to the tires of your bicycle, but also to the wheels of the motorcycle, balls to play and other items, since it has a maximum pressure of 160 PSI, which will allow you to properly fill each one of these objects to be available when you are going to use them.

Main disadvantage:

Manipulating the filling valve is a little difficult, according to comments from some users. For that reason, when they put it on the object to which they will blow it, it deflates a bit. However, once they start to press, they will inflate again.

Verdict: 9.9 / 10

It is a high performance foot pump, which offers a good level of maximum pressure, which will allow you to fill different objects with air; Besides, it will not be very complicated to carry out this process, because it has a mechanism that allows even the smallest of the house to manipulate it without any inconvenience.



To ensure that objects can be filled correctly, you need to have a pump that offers a sufficient level of air pressure; In this way you can carry out the work efficiently.

These air pumps of the brand Enkeeo have a calibrated manometer of high precision and the ability to release air at a maximum level of 160 PSI; that’s why you can use it to fill without problems the tires of your bike or motorcycle, sports balls and other inflatable items that you have in your home.


Apart from its versatility, other advantages are its mechanism, which allows to use it so easily that even the smallest can perform the task of filling air of different objects without any complications.

The Enkeeo Pump O is a standing equipment that has two connectors, which ensure that the equipment works at a good level of performance while you supply the amount of air needed to inflate all the objects you want. It is possible to handle it without complications and you will not have problems when filling the rims of the bike.


To guarantee the duration of the equipment and therefore increase the chances of being able to use it for a long time, this model has been manufactured in quality materials. That is why the body of the pump is covered in plastic and iron that provide a good level of resistance.

The handlebar of the pump is also made of plastic and is covered by an anti-slip and ergonomic material, which facilitates the grip of the device and allows you to handle it in a more comfortable and simple way, to avoid efforts during the filling process.


This device has a series of accessories that will allow you to use it more and also serve as a complement to the different features it has. Among the different pieces is an adapter, which you must put on the equipment when you are going to fill with air the balls that you use to carry out your sports practices.

It has a hose that has the ability to rotate 360 ​​degrees to facilitate the process of filling the different objects. It also includes a PVC bag where you can store it properly and guarantee its preservation while it is stored at home.

2. Topeak Pocket Rocket

The Pocket Rocket is a very light, compact and portable mini pump. Its aluminum body is super resistant, ideal to carry it always with you. It has no pressure indicator.

Dimensions: 222mm
Weight: 115g
Capacity: 160psi / 11bar

3. Crankbrothers Sterling LG

The LG Sterling is the long version of the Crankbrothers mini bombs. The Sterling LG has dual piston and includes a practical pressure gauge, to always have an optimal pressure.

Length: 276mm
Weight: 173g
Capacity: 100psi / 7bar

4. Blackburn Airstik SL

This is a pump built in aluminum. It also has a double chamber that increases the volume of air by 37% compared to other pumps of similar size.

Length: 157mm
Weight: 58g
Capacity: 160psi / 11bar

5. Topeak Turbo Morph G

This pump has a cylinder with more volume that makes it ideal for inflating wide tires more quickly. It has a flexible hose that facilitates inflation and is also equipped with a pressure gauge.

Length: 350mm
Weight: 280g
Capacity: 160psi / 11bar

6. Lezyne Lite Drive

This pump is manufactured in CNC machined aluminum. Its design is efficient and super compact. In addition, the Lite Drive has an ABS hose that makes it very comfortable to use.

Length: 216mm
Weight: 92g
Capacity: 160psi / 11bar

Floor pumps ideal to have at home

7. Serfas TCPG

The TCPG is a very practical pump that allows to inflate cameras with Presta or Schrader valve without having to make any changes. It also has a base that makes it very stable and a pressure indicator. It is not unusual for it to be one of the best selling floor pumps!

Height: 584.2mm
Weight: 1.13kg
Capacity: 160psi / 11bar

8. Topeak Joe Blow Sport II

The Joe Blow Sport II is ideal for the small workshop at home or take to the track. It has a TwinHead connector that has one Schradar valve inlet and one for Presta. Its pressure indicator is 220mm from the floor, which makes it easier to read.

Height: 675mm
Weight: 1.4kg
Capacity: 160psi / 11bar

9. Lezyne Classic Floor Drive

The Classic Floor Drive is manufactured in CNC machined aluminum and features a 3.5 “pressure gauge. In addition, it is equipped with an ABS hose with aluminum connectors. The cherry on the cake is its elegant wooden handle.

Height: 635mm
Weight: 1.7kg
Capacity: 220psi / 15bar

10. Nashbar Earl Gray

Bicycle floor pump Nashbar Earl Gray
The Earl Gray is a floor pump with steel cylinder and a base that makes it very stable. It has a pressure indicator and also a 1m long hose that makes it very practical.

Height: 660mm
Weight: 2.7kg
Capacity: 160psi / 11bar

11. SKS Airmenius

The SKS Airmenius is a super resistant floor pump perfect for constant use like that of a professional workshop. It has a pressure gauge and a comfortable cork handle. It is not very light.

Height: 735mm
Weight: 2.39kg
Capacity: 174psi / 12bar

Importance of maintaining adequate pressure

  • Low pressure – increases the chance of punctures and damages the sides of the tire.
  • High pressure – the tire is very “jumping” and can be uncomfortable.

A puncture is one of the most common mishaps when riding a bicycle, so a portable pump can not be missing in your basic toolkit .
It is recommended to check the tires every time you go out to shoot.
The ideal is to have a floor pump at home and a laptop to bring on the bike. Especially if your bike uses high pressure tires (100psi for example), it is faster and easier to inflate them with a flat tire and leave the laptop for emergencies.

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