Buying Guide for Best Acoustic Guitar

If you plan to buy an acoustic guitar for yourself, then there are a few requirements about which you should be a little conscious. There is no doubt about the fact that shopping for an acoustic guitar can get overwhelming. There are plenty of features to consider while buying a guitar.

This buying guide, we assure you, will help you get your hands on the best acoustic guitar.

A) Purpose and Budget

Before you even think of choosing the brand name or type of material, you should first answer, why are you planning to buy an acoustic guitar? Also, ask yourself, how much money are you willing to shed on it? Here are the two factors you should keep in mind:

Your Skill Level: Are you a beginner or a professional guitarist? If you are a beginner and are just starting your journey, you surely would not want to spend a lot on your first guitar. Due to the technology, we are blessed to get multiple Best Acoustic Guitar under 5000 that comes with plenty of features, high-quality material, great sound, well-built. On the other hand, if you are experienced, you may want to go for higher quality guitars that cost way more than 5000 INR.

Purpose: Are you buying a guitar because you will be playing in a band or using the guitar to perform at various public events such as open mic? If these are your reasons for buying a guitar, then you surely should go for acoustic guitars. This is because the acoustic guitars have a pickup, and they help amplify the sound to a higher note. This feature allows the acoustic guitars to plug into the sound system without distorting the acoustic sound.

B) Construction and Design

It is essential to understand an acoustic guitar’s components before buying it. The different elements of the guitar are:

Neck: The guitar’s neck is a sandwich between the terminates at the headstock and the guitar’s body. To the neck’s top, a fretboard is mounted. Many acoustic guitars use the neck set; this implies that the guitar’s neck is stuck to the guitar’s body. The guitar’s neck contains the truss rod in metal material that prevents the guitar from twisting or bowing.

Body: The acoustic guitar body consists of the top, which is known as a soundboard. The soundboard gets internally supported by the internal bracing; the sides, back, and together form a hollow chamber. The upper body curves in a guitar are known as the upper bout, and the lower body curves are known as, the lower bout. The area between the upper curves and lower curves is known as the waist.

Strings: The strings of the guitar play a crucial role and are essential elements of the guitar’s body. Often, we end up buying a guitar whose strings are not very strong, which becomes a crucial mistake. Hence, when you are purchasing a guitar, make sure that the strings are soft and are gentle to the fingerprints. The strings of the guitar are mostly made up of stainless steel, which is a delicate material.

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C) Styles and Sounds

Multiple types of guitar come in different styles and sounds. No doubt, we must take the guitar, which offers the perfect sound, but at the same time, it is essential to look at the ‘Comfortable’ level while sitting or standing. The soundboard is the top portion of a guitar, and the larger the soundboard is, the better the sound will be. A few styles involve a large soundboard with a narrow waist to add to the comfort level.

Although the exact measurements of the guitar do vary, the most common types of body shapes of acoustic guitars include the following:

a) Jumbo: As the name suggests, these are big sized guitars and are also very commonly known as ‘Cowboy Guitars.’

b) Concerts: These are a little small in size and help the payer easily play the guitar. They are mid-range guitars with a strong sound.

c) Dreadnought: This is one of the most common body styles equipped with a large soundboard. These guitars have distinctive square bouts.

d) Auditorium: These are standard mid-sized guitars that have a lower bout and a small waist. These are very often also referred to as the ‘Orchestra’ body.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Best Acoustic Guitars in India

1) What are the accessories I should consider while buying a guitar?

Ans. A perfect guitar is no doubt the priority, but along with that, one needs some added accessories as well, just as a guitar bag, guitar case, guitar picks, guitar tunes, strings, cables, amplifier etc.

2) For an acoustic guitar, which is the kind of body I should go for?

Ans. Firstly, there is no perfect answer for this and as it depends on your comfort level. Generally, people go for shallow body guitar as it becomes easy to carry such guitars—however, a few prefer having full body guitars bigger.

3) Should I buy from an online store or an offline store?

Ans. There are an ample number of online stores that offer a huge variety of guitars. The advantage of online is that you get better deals and a warranty for a few products. When you buy your acoustic guitar online, you can even compare and read the reviews accordingly.

4) What are the two different types of guitars?

Ans. Primarily, there are two types of guitars, which are electric and acoustic.
If you are a beginner, then you should go for an acoustic guitar. This is because the acoustic guitars are made up of a wooden body, and their bodies are hollow, which means they are very light in weight. The body of the acoustic guitar is made in such a manner that helps in amplifying the sound. Many musicians of different genres, such as folk singers, classical singers, country musicians, use the acoustic guitar only.

5) Are there good options for acoustic guitars if I am looking for the best Acoustic Guitar under 5000.’

Ans. There is a wide variety of acoustic guitars, which are under 5000 and are great. Many guitars possess great features, are made of high-quality material, have excellent sound quality, easy to manage. These guitars also come up with combos and are ideal under the budget.

6) What is a Truss Rod of an acoustic guitar?

Ans. A truss rod in an acoustic guitar is a long metal rod, which runs deep down the neck of the guitar, helping the guitar to be straight. One should be extra careful while adjusting the truss rods because a slight turn into the wrong way could lead to the neck’s wrong placement.

7) What Is thickness I should look for buying an acoustic guitar?

Ans. The choice of thickness is very personal and depends on the individual’s preference. Remember this rule; if you are looking to play solo notes, you must pick a thick guitar. At the same time, the thinner parts are better for strumming.

8) Do fingers hurt while playing the acoustic guitar?

Ans. If you are a beginner, you indeed are not habituated, and it will just hurt a little, but later on, you will get used to it. Fingers end up developing the calluses as they get used to it. In case if you get blisters, then do not pop up at all. It is because if you pop up, the skin that will be underneath the blister will grow, and it will eventually be excruciating.

9) What is the everyday life of the acoustic guitar?

Ans. There is no right answer for this, as the guitar’s life depends on multiple factors. For instance, it depends on how you maintain the guitar and the way you use it. The quality of the guitars mentioned above is of utmost and premium. Each guitar is made of high-quality materials. However, the user will have to make sure to use a cover while travelling with the guitar, use it with gentle hands, avoid spilling liquid on the guitar, and clear in regularly.

10) As a beginner, shall I go for acoustic guitar or an electric guitar?

Ans. Acoustic guitars are primarily made for beginners as they are easy to use. If you are starting your guitar journey, you must go for an acoustic guitar over an electric guitar. One of the primary reasons is because these guitars are lightweight and also very affordable. In the initial days, you would not want to spend on something costly. Hence, hands down, you must opt for acoustic guitars over electric guitars for the initial few years.

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