6 Best Keyword Research Tools Free for Bloggers in 2022

Are you looking for the best free keyword research tools that make your keyword research easier?

When it comes to rank a post in Google SERP keyword research is a must.

For newbies who have a blog or going to start a blog, this is most difficult work in their blogging journey.

They lack some free tools available in the market which will make their keyword research simpler than ever.

I made a research of these tools deeply.

And will tell you how to use tools to get rich keywords that will increase your rankings.

But before let me tell you what is a keyword means.

A keyword is a word that people type in the search engine to find a query.

You have to take that keyword & write an article to solve the user’s queries.

Even though, you have the right tool to do keyword research you need a effective way to do it you should read this- How to do effective keyword research as a beginner

Now, let’s look for the keyword research tools for which you’ve come here.

And here they’re.

  1. Google Keyword Planner
  2. Ubersuggest
  3. Google Trends
  4. Keyword Shitter
  5. Google
  6. Keyword Surfer

These are the tools you can use for keyword research.

Let’s get started to know more about these keyword research tools.

Best Free Keyword Research Tools for Bloggers

1. Google Keyword Planner

A free tool provided by Google itself for the analysis of keywords.

Google keyword planner shows you the related keywords around your typed keyword with its monthly search volume, competition & CPC.

But I suggest you not to depend on its competition stats as it’s not that much correct.

Here, monthly search volume is calculated based on average monthly searches done.

This free keyword research tool offers you some necessary filters like

  • Location
  • Language &
  • The time frame in which you want to see the keyword trend.

This makes your keyword research much easier.

The main aim of the keyword planner is to find the keywords for paid ads on the Google search engine, so it shows data according to it.

By the way, you will find good & rich keywords in Google keyword planner.

Google keyword planner has a special feature named.

  • Refine keywords: In this, keyword planner fetches the keywords from all the too paid keyword research tools like ahref, semrush, etc.

You can filter them out & see data from each amazing tool.

Just go to Google keyword planner & sign in with your Gmail account.

Then you have to type a keyword related to your niche or blog & press search.

You will see numerous results where you can filter them out accordingly.

When you research your keywords on keyword planner, you’ll see related terms just below your search box, you can choose these keywords also.

2. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a free tool by Neil Patel (Pro Digital Marketer) founded in 2017.

From the starting year till date Ubersuggest has been the most popular free keyword research tool among bloggers.

It is being used by many pro bloggers.

The main reason for its tremendous popularity is its features like

  • Keyword analyzer
  • Competitor reports
  • SEO explorer

1. Keyword analyzer:

In this feature, you’re able to analyze any keyword of your choice & get its full overviewkeyword ideas as well as content ideas around that keyword.

2. Competitor reports:

In this feature, you can spy your competitors like their traffickeywords on which they rank & also the top-ranking pages on their website.

Recently, a new feature has been added called as Competing domains which tells you other competitors of a website.

3. SEO explorer:

In this, you can do SEO audit i.e. crawl your website & analyze SEO points to be corrected.

You can also check backlinks of any website you want which will make easy to for you to make new Backlinks for you.

All of these features for free of cost.

But one thing to be remembered, you have limited chances of keyword research in it i.e. 3 searches per day.

Enjoy the tool.

3. Google Trends

Google trends is also one of the free keyword research tools.

It is also Invented by google just like google keyword planner.

It’s different from google keyword planner ’cause it only shows where the trend of a keyword is going.

Is its searches are increasing day by day, decreasing or the same.

You have to select on those keywords whose trend is increasing or the same.

Google trends show the data around your keyword in forms

  • Interest over time
  • Interest by sub-region
  • Related topics
  • Related queries

i] Interest over time:

In this feature, you’ll see a graph representing the search trend which is increasing, decreasing or the same/flat.

When you move your cursor on the graph you’ll see the numbers on the curves.

These numbers represent search interest relative to the highest point in the graph for the given region/location and time.

It helps to decide whether you have to choose the keyword or not.

Choose the keyword whose the graph is increasing or flat & leave the one whose graph is decreasing.

ii] Interest by sub-region:

Google trends show keyword interest based on the region or city.

It means it shows how much a particular keyword is being searched in a region or city.

This will help you to target your audience very well.

You can click on a particular city shown below to see detailed stats.

iii] Related topics:

You will get all the related topics under this feature.

It doesn’t show you keywords but the topics related to your searched keyword.

This will help you to build your blog post when you write about these related topics in your article or you can write a separate topic on them.

It shows you the results according to the relativity of the keyword which provides you with a rise & top option.

Select top to see the most related topics around your keyword.

You can do further keyword research on these pics

iv] Related queries:

When you’re looking for a keyword you need it’s related keywords also & for that, it provides you related topics parameter.

Google trends also offers you to do keyword research based on

  • Location
  • Time frame
  • Categories
  • Type of search (Web search, Image search or news search, etc.)

If you’re confused with two keywords which one will be suitable for you then it clears your confusion by providing an option of compare.

4. Keyword Shitter

A simple & free keyword research tool used for obtaining only related keywords.

The functioning of this tool is very simple & sweet.

You have to type a keyword in the provided area & click on start job button.

After this, it will start researching plenty of keywords on the internet related to your keyword.

When you get satisfied with the number of keywords you can click on stop.

Then copy those keywords that you want to among them & paste them on your notepad.

Only choose the keywords that are most relevant to your keyword.

Simply write an article around those selected keywords.

It doesn’t provide you with the monthly search volume, CPC, difficulty level & so on.

Its function is only to generate several keywords that you required for your blog post.

5. Google

Google itself is a very good keyword research tool where you will get keywords that people are asking.

Yes, you heard it right!

When a person types his query in the search box then Google algorithm stores it as a question or keyword.

Because of that anytime you type a keyword in the search box you will see several keywords below it.

The sequence is based on how much a keyword is related to your keyword & number of searches made by other people.

Only you have to go to Google & type in your keyword, then you’ll see the number of keywords related to it.

You can simply copy those keywords & add in your article.

Another way is when you type a keyword & made a search on Google.

You’ll see the number of results as answers for your keyword.

Then simply scroll down at the bottom where you’ll see other related keywords also called LSI ||(Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords, get those also.

Believe me, those LSI keywords are the gems for your article.

To get more keywords, just click on any of those LSI keywords & then again scroll down.

Repeat this process until you have much amount of keywords for your article.

You can get the words that are bold in the result posts, add them into your blog post too.

6. Keyword Surfer

It’s a free chrome extension to find several keywords for your blog within a minute.

Do you know the best part of it?

It saves your precious time that you spend for finding several related keywords like Secondary & LSI keywords which you can further utilize for writing.

When you type in your keyword in Google search box then it presents you all the primary, secondary & LSI keywords according to word count.

You should select the keywords according to their relevance with the primary keyword mentioned in the percentage form.

When you are done with the selection of the keywords you can simply copy them from the “copy” option.

Now it’s time for the con.

Unfortunately, it has one con that it doesn’t show you the CPC of the keywords.

But it does not matter that much.

Matters what is your content.

Content should be of qualitative & keywords rich.

Final Thoughts on Best Keyword Research Tools Free

Use these 6 best free keyword research tools & make your research more simpler.

Keyword research is the first & most important process in blogging.

So, you need to be perfect in selecting the right keywords.

Hope you have understood the importance of keyword research tools.

Best of luck for your keyword research journey.

PS: If you didn’t understand anything in this blog post or having any doubts you are free to ask in the comment section, we’re here to solve your doubts.

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